5 of the BEST House Plants

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Indoor house plants not only help cleanse the air of toxins but they also can freshen up your living space as a quick way to decorate! I love plants but having a child and frequently traveling, we need plants that are pretty low maintenance and more or less child friendly (Levi gets into everything!). I’ve found the following 5 plants to make excellent indoor plants for those of you on the go. They are also either child friendly or easier to childproof!

5 of the BEST House Plants

Rubber Tree

rubber tree house plants

Photo credit: sickofstatistics

Rubber trees are very low maintenance plants. They do great in areas without a lot of light and can survive colder temperatures. However, one thing to keep in mind for those of you with children and/or pets, is that the sap is toxic so the plant should be placed in an area out of reach. Keep the rubber trees inside during the colder seasons to improve air quality. When the weather warms up and windows can be opened, move them outside to decorate your porch or patio!

Heart Leaf Philodendron

philodendron house plants

Photo credit: Julie Raccuglia

Heart Leaf Philodendron is a very common choice for house plants. They are extremely low maintenance (they won’t mind if you forget to water them ever now and then) and do well in areas that don’t have the most sunlight. Like the rubber plant though, they are also toxic to children and pets when eaten so try to keep them out of reach! Thankfully, this is a climbing plant so they look very nice in hanging planters…which can keep them out of the reach of little fingers and mouths.

Golden Pothos

pothos house plants

Photo credit: Starr Environmental

The Golden Pothos is another plant that looks great in a hanging basket! It grows very fast so don’t be afraid to cut back the vines (they can grow to be 8 feet or more) when needed. Like the philodendron, it is toxic when ingested so take advantage of hanging baskets to keep it out of reach. Don’t let that scare you off though, Golden Pothos makes an excellent house plant since it’s easy to maintain – does well in low or high light areas, (be sure not to over water) and filters out many toxins in the air.


aloe house plants

Photo credit: Genista

I probably don’t have to write much about the benefits of keeping an aloe plant around. But I will 🙂 As a child I remember getting a few burns here and there and my mother using a piece of our aloe plant to rub the gel into it. It immediately helped to soothe the burns and ease done of the pain. Additionally, it helps cleanse the air of toxins. These are not toxic when ingested but be forewarned, it’s historically known to be used as a laxative 😉

Spider Plant

spider plants house plants

Photo credit: The Wild Roam Free

Safe for pets! So you don’t have to worry about kitty deciding to see what it tastes like. Easy to take care of, the spider plant is also proven itself a worthy contender by filtering out carbon monoxide and formaldehyde (among a host of other things as well). If you forget to water your house plants, don’t worry! Spider plants prefer dry soil 🙂

What are your favorite house plants? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. We’re you thinking of me when you wrote this? Hehe I used to have aloe & a very resilient rubber tree when I was moving around a lot in my younger days… I think I know just what to ask for for Mother’s Day!