Black Dog Salvage – Roanoke, VA

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Black Dog Salvage


This past weekend we spent some time visiting with Zach’s family in southern Virginia and decided to take a detour to Roanoke on our way home…recently we discovered that the Black Dog Salvage Shop from the DIY Networks show Salvage Dawgs is in Roanoke and just knew we had to check it out. We discovered Salvage Dawgs on Netflix a few months ago and promptly binge watched it haha we love it!


The warehouse was so much larger that it looks so it was a lot fun wandering around finding items that we had seen them salvage in the show.  It was neat to know some of the history behind certain items like the wire baskets from an old cotton mill in season 1.

Reproductions of these are so popular as coffee tables but these are the real deal!


In love with these antique and vintage trunks!


Vintage prints anyone? There were piles of them!


A lot of great exploring was done but the icing on the cake was meeting Robert! He stopped in to the warehouse and helped us find some cool items to use as bookends! …I’ll admit, I totally fan-girled for a second but tried to keep it in check… Levi on the other hand was perfectly cool, calm and collected:

black dog salvage dawgs

Thanks, Robert!

P.S. While we were there I picked up a little something that has GIVEAWAY written alllll over it!  🙂 Stay tuned!


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  1. Good thing Zach didn’t try to sell Levi to him for some Krugerrands.