Cheeky Cloth Swim Diapers

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Okay. I’m obsessed with cloth swim diapers.

Cheeky Cloth Swim Diapers 1

I purchased this swim diaper from iPlay (the link is through Amazon but I saw the same one at Target) and while it functioned well, the fit left much to be desired on my chunky guy.

I really like the idea of reusable swim diapers. They are SO convenient…No more having to run to the store for disposable ones and they’re much better for the environment too!

I couldn’t wait for Levi to try it out so you can imagine my disappointment when I attempted to pull the diaper up over his little fat bum and his poor little crack was still hanging out :-D. Still determined to make this work, I bought a size up and…same problem. At that point, I realized that it was the way they were cut (a little low on the waist) and pair that with an extra chunky bum and you’ve got some interesting tan lines in the making.

I kind of gave up on the idea of using reusable cloth swim diapers and went back to the disposable ones.

Then one day, as I was Instagram surfing, I happened across Cheeky Cloth. Kaitlyn hand makes regular and swim cloth diapers that are completely adjustable and can fit a child from anywhere between 8 and 40 lbs. How perfect!

Of course I immediately purchased two to take on vacation with us and I really cannot say enough good things about them after daily use at the beach.

cheeky cloth swim diapers 2

As I stated before, they are fully adjustable to give the perfect fit. Levi’s bum is fully covered (no more plumber boy) and they don’t cause uncomfortable lines around his legs and waist.

By some sort of fabric sorcery, they keep the poopies in but the best part for me is that you can just throw them into the washer/dryer and you’re good to go…they clean just like a normal cloth diaper!

cheeky cloth swim diapers 3


cheeky cloth swim diapers 4

If you plan on trying out cloth swim diapers, I highly recommend doing the following:

  1. Pick up a Wet Bag to store the used wet diaper(s) in on the way home.
    Wet Bag
  2. Purchase/carry at least two swim diapers (I find 3 to be ideal) in case one gets soiled.

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