Corner Coffee Station

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We picked up this corner hutch off of Craigslist with the intention of adding a little more storage space to our small eat-in kitchen…corners always get left out so why not put them to good use!? Deciding to use it as a corner coffee station was easy since it would take one more thing off of the counters and free up space.

The only change we made to it was purchasing these hooks from Amazon and screwing them into the underside of the top portion. This created a place to hang our mugs.




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I love to use empty cigar boxes whenever I get the chance.

Not only are they visually appealing but most of the time you can pick them up for FREE or for just $1-$2 a piece depending on the size. Just check out your local cigar shop. Ours has piles of them!

For this project, I put tea packets in one and hot chocolate packs in the other ­čÖé

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The top part of the hutch is dedicated to coffee and hot drinks… I use the bottom cabinet (it has 2 shelves) to store several pots and baking dishes.




My awesome little helper! He does all the heavy lifting ­čśë

In total, this project cost just $5.99 for the hooks. Not bad for a coffee station with additional kitchen storage!

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