DIY Photo Display

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Some time ago, Levi and I snuck off to Michael’s for a little looksie (because why not when you have nothing planned for the day) and as usual, we found, okay, I found, some awesome things that just HAD to come home with us. I scored this small wooden hanging pallet with the idea of making a welcome sign for our newly redone entry area. It ended up not working out as the welcome sign but I really wanted to come up with a way to use it in the house. Well, it had been sitting around the house for a little while now and finally a light bulb went off….so today I want to share with you my creation of a DIY Photo Display!

This baby has found a home right above our kitchen command center/wall area to spruce it up a bit! The plan is to use it as a place to display photos, seasonal prints, etc.

DIY Photo Display

What I used:

Photo display 1

  • Mini hanging pallet from Michael’s Arts and Crafts
  • Mini clothes pins
  • Hot glue
  • Twine
What I did:
  1. Measure and cut lengths of twine.
  2. Cut and glue each side.
    diy photo display 2
  3. Add clothes pins and hang up photos!


And voila! A very simple and easy DIY photo display! This would also work incredibly well with a full sized pallet. One that size could showcase several rows of images if you want to go for the wow factor. I can totally see painting a full sized one a bright color and using it to display children’s artwork.

After I purchased this one, I found out that pet supply stores often receive items on small wooden pallets about the same size so check there first if you want to try to score one at no cost! 🙂

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