Family Picnic Essentials: Must-Haves for Dining Outside

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Usually all of our hikes turn into picnics at some point because of the amount of food I bring in my pack (something about trails makes me HUNGRY). So when we go on a planned picnic, things get pretty serious around here. I LOVE picnics and like to keep a picnic essentials kit handy (never know when the need will arise) that contains everything you need to enjoy a delicious meal al fresco! Below are my top family picnic essentials:

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The Picnic Essentials

1. Sistema Utensil Set, Sauce Containers, and Salt and Pepper Set

Re-usable = less waste!

Family Picnic Essentials 1Family Picnic Essentials 2Family Picnic Essentials 3

2. Reusable Dinnerware

Reusable…there’s a theme here 😉

family picnic essentials 4

3. Picnic Cloth

Water/spill resistant! …with the baby, I appreciate anything that cleans up easily.

Family picnic essentials 5

4. Nalgene Bottle

Leak-proof and definitely a must-have to stay hydrated and to carry your favorite beverage on the picnic.

family picnic essentials 5


5. Cooler

This cooler has held up very well for us! It’s just the a basic thing but I do like to use the pocket to hold some cloth napkins.

family picnic essentials 5


The Extras

1.  Silicone Wine Glasses

Non-breakable and flexible so you don’t have to worry about breaking any glasses.

picnic essentials

2. Wine Cooling Pack

Keep your wine cold…

picnic essentials 2

3. Ice Packs

And your food colder!

picnic essentials 4

4. Cheese Tray

This portable cheese tray keeps everything neat and tidy inside, including a wine bottle opener!

picnic essentials 3

And on a totally related now, we’re having the BEST weather (aka we’re not melting when we step outside) so I believe Levi and I are off to find a good spot to picnic this afternoon 🙂

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  1. What fun! I’m never that well-prepared.

    • I’m a total over-planner…my lists have lists. It’s a blessing and a curse 😀