Fresh Ginger Honey Tea

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Fresh Ginger Honey Tea

Yesterday, all of us were feeling a bit under the weather. This, of course, requires a sniffling call to my mom asking “how do you cure [insert any ailment]?!” along with some boohoohoo-ing and self pity.

Since we don’t live in the same state, she can no longer make me her famous cure-all fresh ginger tea that I love so much, so I had to pull on my mommy pants and make it myself (don’t worry, I still boohoo-ed and had a pity party during the process).

With the winter weather and illnesses kicking in, I thought I would share the recipe with you all…stay warm and healthy out there!


  1. Peel raw ginger and chop into pieces (amount is up to you but I chose a piece about 6 inches in length).
  2. Purée it with water in a blender or put it through a juicer.
    Blended Ginger
  3. Put desired amount of honey into mugs and set aside.
  4. Boil the ginger purée for about 15 minutes and strain through a sieve into cups.
  5. Add some milk if you would like to tone it down but drink it as spicy as you can stand it!

Another way to drink it is to mix the raw juice with lemonade and serve on ice. Hubby likes to put a shot of bourbon in with the tea and honey (sans milk of course) 🙂

I prefer to drink it hot with a little milk and honey, but either way, the tea is great!

P.S. Ginger has long been touted for its health benefits and has quite an impressive list under its belt…You can check out this article on the other benefits here!


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