Hiking Watkins Glen State Park

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On our way up to Canada, we had to opportunity to stop in Watkins Glen, New York. Pinterest acquainted me with the beauty of the state park there and once I realized we were going to be driving by, there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity.


Time for an Adventure!

After a long overnight drive (Levi slept the whole way, whoop whoop!) we grabbed a few hours of shut eye at the Hilton Garden Inn Elmira/Corning and after a quick breakfast, headed out early to try and beat the rain…

1-hiking watkins-glen

All week the weather prediction was sunny and in the 70’s. Of course the day before we were supposed to leave, it all turned to rain, 🙁 but that didn’t hold us back!

To get to Watkins Glen State Park, we took a gorgeous 15 minute drive through the country. We arrived to a fairly easy parking situation at the main entrance in the Village of Watkins Glen. Since we got there early, parking wasn’t a problem but by the time we left, people were having a hard time finding free spaces.

2-hiking watkins-glen
It starts off impressive from the get-go with this view from the parking lot.


There are 19 falls on the 2 mile trail. However, since we weren’t sure about the weather, we decided to just start hiking and see how far we got.

3-hiking watkins-glen
The entrance to trail.


4-hiking watkins-glen
The view from the first bridge!


5-hiking watkins-glen
We climbed this staircase to see where it led…basically no where…but we got in a good workout!


6-hiking watkins-glen
Onward towards the falls!


8-hiking watkins-glen
Made it!


9-hiking watkins-glen
Looking back down the gorge from the falls…


Unfortunately, we didn’t get much further then the suspension bridge…It started raining and the wind started blowing pretty hard. Then, after Levi took off his hat and threw it into a mud puddle, it was time to head back down and warm up!

10-hiking watkins-glen

We’re disappointed we didn’t get to finish hiking Watkins Glen but we decided to stop there on the way back! We plan on seeing the rest of the falls and to check out the Corning Museum of Glass. I’ll be updating with more pictures at the end of the month!