Lent 2017 | We’re Back at it Again!

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Last year we did the whole 40 Bags for 40 Days thing for Lent and this year we’re back at it again!

Here’s a breakdown of what I plan for our family this Lent (hint…it’s basically the same as last year since we found it worked out very well for our family):


  • Courtesy of Pinterest (you really can find anything on there), we are going to start a prayer chain. Each evening, before we pray, we will write down our intention on a strip of paper, creating a paper chain as the days of Lent progress.


  • Things. We have WAY too many things. Most of it is unnecessary and ends up cluttering not just our home but our minds as well. We can’t take it with us right?! So for 40 days, we will be filling up a minimum of 1 bag a day to donate to charity or throw away if it can’t be donated. I will be posting updates to keep myself accountable 🙂 We did this last year and it was actually life-changing. We didn’t stop after lent last year and continued to give away things on a monthly basis…we got through the entire house except for the attic for this Lent we will be donating a lot from there and of course from Levi stuff that he’s since outgrown.
  • This year I’ve also decided to give up shopping (other than necessities) …I can never go into a store and just get what I came for so I know this one will be hard for me.
  • Cell phone use. Zach and I are on our phone WAY too much so we’ve decided to limit our cell phone use to 30 minutes a day.

I’m going to post updates to keep myself accountable…here goes nothing!