Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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This whole Mother’s Day thing is fairly new to me 😉 but every since I’ve been blessed to be able to celebrate this day, hubs has asked me what I want so I decided to make a list…(*hint hint Zach*). What would be on your list? Let me know in the comments!

1. Be pampered.

Splurging on a spa day is fun but so is getting the time to pamper yourself at home…it’s kindof like a mini spa when you get to do your nails in peace or try out that new makeup or face mask (disclaimer: the last time I tried a new face mask, Levi pointed and laughed at me *sigh*).

Anywho, I think these are perfect for pampering!

2. Be trendy.

Every now and then, I like to re-enter normal society, exchange the yoga pants for jeans, and feel like my young, hip self again. Okay, I probably was never hip but one can dream!

mother's day gift guide


3. Be Together.

For me though, nothing beats spending time with the ones I love. Whether it’s hiking a new trail, having a picnic or just our nightly family dinner, our time spent together is something that we will all cherish forever.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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