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So Zach and I only recently hired a babysitter for the first time…

The plan was to go out to dinner for our wedding anniversary (spoiler alert: like the new parents we are, all we talked about the whole time was Levi, how much we loved/missed him and obsessively checked our phones for anything from the babysitter).

However, five minutes before the sitter was set to arrive, we found ourselves realizing we should probably write down our contact info, emergency contact numbers, etc. and a frantic (in true new parent form) rush ensued. I did a quick google search for an info sheet that I could print off but nothing really fit our needs quite right. They all seemed geared towards older children and had WAY too much info in them. While I appreciate the details (seriously though, NOTHING was left of out on one of those…they probably even had a line for how much weight was gained during pregnancy) I didn’t really need all of that… I just wanted the necessary info and didn’t have time to fill out a passport application-like info sheet.

After that night I vowed to be better prepared so I’ve spent a little time putting together this printable babysitter information sheet that I believe covers the basics. I hope it comes in handy for you as well!


DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE PRINTABLE HERE or click on the picture below!




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