Summer Bucket List Recap

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Well it’s getting to be that time of year, even though the weather doesn’t feel like it! I’m sad to see summer go but honestly, I’m SO looking forward to cooler days. It’s just too hot and humid for us to be outside much and outside is where we like to be!

This was the first year I made a summer bucket list and I’m so glad I did! Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up and I forget about the things I had wanted to do or see (mom brain strikes again!) so it was nice to have the list to look back on.

summer bucket list recap

You can see for yourself that we didn’t complete it…like not even close but hey, we tried!  Some of the ones I REALLY wanted to do, we never got around to but those spots were filled with other great (and not so great) experiences.

What We Did:

  • Visited a Splash Pad
  • Visited the Falls Church Farmers Market
  • Read 2 Books (I actually read 10!)
  • Visited 4 Museums/Memorials
  • Picnic in the Park
  • Made Popsicles (do watermelon mojito popsicles count?)
  • Visited the Arboretum
  • Made S’Mores
  • Made Hand Print Art

What We Didn’t:

  • Camping
    • I REALLY wanted to do this but Zach worked an insane amount of hours this summer and we just couldn’t find the time. We had planned out a quick spur of the moment trip but mother nature wasn’t on our side and we cancelled because of rain.
  • Hike a New Trial Every Weekend
    • We hiked a few new trails but again, Zach’s work hours didn’t allow for much recreation.
  • Bike on the W&OD
    • We lost the key to our bike locks. Lol. But I recently just found it so this is going on the list for Fall!
  • Visit 3 Wineries
    • Since I’m blaming Zach’s work hours, I’ll just go ahead and blame Zach’s work on the failure to do this one too haha. We did visit one though!
  • Jazz in the Park
    • I opted out on this one. The DC metro has been having so many issues lately and our line was “Safe Tracking”. I didn’t really feel like taking more time to get there then how long the program was so hopefully next year!
  • Visit the Virginia Bazaar
  • Cruise on the Potomac
  • Visit the Zoo
    • Also going on the list for Fall!

Things We Hadn’t Planned:

  • Zach got PRK Surgery
    • Definitely one of the not so great moments of summer but things are finally getting better!
  • Visiting Ann Arbor, MI
    • We had such a wonderful time visiting family and friends…look for a post on that coming soon!
  • Blueberry Picking Twice (YUM)
  • Took two mini trips to Richmond, VA
    • We live nearby by but had only been through the city in passing…we had a great time exploring, catching Pokemon, and found a fantastic cafe, The Urban Farmhouse.
  • Visited my hometown to visit family and for the Delaware State Fair <3

I had so much fun making a summer bucket list that I plan on making one for Fall too! Fall is my favorite season and I can’t wait to get started 🙂

What are your favorite Fall activities?