The Beginning of Lent

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Today marks the beginning of Lent! This may sound weird but I always look forward to Lent….it’s no Christmas 😉 that’s for sure, but I like to use Lent as a way to set the tone for the rest of the upcoming year. In the past I’ve focused more on sacrifice/giving up things but this year I want to take a different approach and focus on good works, prayer, and last but not least, sacrifice.

Here’s a breakdown of what I plan for our family this Lent:


  • Courtesy of Pinterest (you really can find anything on there), we are going to start a prayer chain. Each evening, before we pray, we will write down our prayer intention on a strip of paper, creating a paper chain as the days of Lent progress.

Good Works

  • Zach works a lot and having an almost 9 month old makes things a little difficult to get anything done but we’re making it a point to volunteer our time one way or another. For example, this month I plan on volunteering at the charity spaghetti dinner at church. I can’t work the actual dinner because my mommy obligations come first, but I will be helping to set up the morning before since it’s less time away.


  • Things. We have WAY too many things. Most of it is unnecessary and ends up cluttering not just our home but our minds as well. We can’t take it with us right?! So for 40 days, we will be filling up a minimum of 1 bag a day to donate to charity or throw away if it can’t be donated. I will be posting updates to keep myself accountable 😀


Check out my Lent/Easter Pinterest Board HERE for more ideas!

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  1. Grandmama

    Great ideas Corinne. I will be happy to help you declutter. Smirk. I’ve been helping you that way for years and I’m glad you finally see my point.

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