Us Lately: May 2017

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What’s Been Going on with Us Lately: May 2017

Big Changes

It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog and lately I’ve been really struggling to find balance in our lives. Which I’m not sure will be coming anytime soon as Zach prepares to head out for an extended work trip without us (cue the tears). Ever since we realized that it was actually happening, it’s been a mad dash to prepare for what’s ahead. Mainly an uphill dash…aka we’re going nowhere fast and the list what we need to get done just gets longer and longer.

One thing we’re trying to do is figure out how to keep things as normal as possible for Levi while Zach’s gone since the longest he’d ever been away before is one month. Thank goodness for FaceTime! Any other suggestions for us?

Community Garden Plot

After an almost two year wait, we finally got a community garden plot! We’re so excited! It’s been a ton of work getting it up to snuff but it’s finally shaping up and we just planted the last seeds. Levi has been such a big help watering the plants and and digging holes.

Us Lately: may 2017


Us Lately: may 2017


Us Lately: may 2017


I’m totally obsessed with Poldark! And got my sister hooked too. It’s awesome. Zach doesn’t think so but then again he likes all those wilderness survival shows so I don’t really expect him to like a show set in post american revolution Cornwall. 

As always, we’re still watching Agent’s of Shield….this season has been really great! At least Zach and I can agree on that show 😉

What’s Coming Up:

As Much Family Time as We Can

We are looking forward to spending as much time together as a family as we can before Zach heads out. We’ve planned our first post-Levi camping trip for next month and can’t wait! We’re heading to Catoctin National Park in Maryland with some of our family. Hoping that Levi enjoys camping as much as we do!

What I Want to Accomplish in June:

  • Keep up with our garden!
  • Start on a Summer Bucket List for Levi and I.
  • Start thinking about where we want to go for our family vacation for when we are reunited with Zach in October!

Us Lately: may 2017