Ann Arbor with a Toddler: What to Do

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Last month, we saw Ann Arbor, Michigan in a totally different way. Having a toddler really opens up a whole new world that I forgot existed…It’s really like being a child all over again… Playing in cloud dough, rolling around on the ground, splashing in water… sometimes I seriously think I have way more fun than Levi sometimes.

Anyhow, visiting family in Ann Arbor is always a fun time and we discovered several really great toddler activities around town. Check out below for the best things to do when visiting Ann Arbor with a toddler!

Visit the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Ann Arbor with a Toddler 1

A million times YES. Little dude wore himself out. And if you want, the entrance fee of the day can be applied to a yearly membership (totally worth it)¬†and if there’s 4 of you and you plan on visiting twice, it’s already paid for itself. The even better part is that there are over 300 reciprocal museums across the United States and other about 10 other countries, including many in the states we frequent so we plan on visiting all that we are able. We’ve already put the membership to use here in Ottawa.

ann arbor with a toddler 2

Levi had so much fun here (and so did we). They have activities/workshops you can sign up for and three floors of exhibits. As you can tell, Levi’s personal favorite was one of the two water rooms.

Search for Fairy Doors

Ann Arbor with a Toddler 3

This may be more fun for older children but Levi enjoyed the walk around downtown and opening and closing them! I’ve looked for them every time I visit but so far have only found 5. Until next time!

Visit the Arb

The Nichols Arboretum, or “the Arb” is a fantastic place to let your little one run free. Explore, plan a little nature scavenger hunt, or jump in on one of Levi’s uncle Jake’s ultimate frisbee games.

Take trip to the Dexter Cider Mill

Ann Arbor with a Toddler 4

Grab some fresh cider, fresh donuts, maybe taste a little wine ūüėČ ¬†(free wine tastings!) and head over to Mill Creek¬†Park North. With a well maintained playground and shaded picnic tables, you can comfortably partake in the apple cider and donut goodness and then take a walk on the newly extended Border to Border (B2B)¬†Trail along side the river. We saw many types of animal tracks as well as some frogs and fish so it turned into a nice little nature walk.

Enjoy any of the TONS parks, playgrounds and nature centers.

Try these out!